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Featured Update

Recently I worked on a painting for my mother who's writing a story about a girl and a spider. This piece is a character portrait for the main character - a young girl who is a skilled embroiderer. The spider is modeled after the golden orb weaver spider, which produces silk.

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Portfolio Updates


May 2

5 Second Animation (Toonacracy)

I worked on a 5 second animation piece for a friend’s Youtube Channel. The subject was “Food,” and all the authors of the channel did their own animations.

The full animation can be found here


January 25

Rusty Bucket Prop

Having grown up in rural Ohio, I have always loved a good something made of wood. I previewed this work in progress piece a while ago, got busy with work, but have now come back and shaded the holy crap out of it! It goes with the Jack and Jill themed pieces, this being the most important prop in that story because it is the reason they go up the hill in the first place. The device that propels the story.

I wanted it to look like it has gotten a bit of use- there is staining from the metal against the sides of the wood, the metal itself is worn, and the inside is bleached and faded from water.


January 16

Sejuani has been announced!

I have been working for Riot Games on the MMO League of Legends for a while and I have added a lot of content that I designed for them on this site, but I have been waiting eagerly for this particular character to be released! I made this painting of the new female tank champion, Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath, this past summer, and she has finally been announced for release in the newest Champion Reveal.

Suitable for an ice-wielding champion, she has been in the ice box for a while pending the tech for a quadruped rig since she was designed to be riding a giant boar. She was created by character designer Eduardo Gonzalez, who has in the past designed champions such as Miss Fortune and Vladimir.

She was the most fun of the champions I’ve worked on so far because I really love her color palette and the idea that, where she’s from in Freljord, the ice is so cold it never melts even when removed. Thus, she is adorned with and wielding chunks of still-hard ice and her skin bears the pinkness of one who never warms up. I had a lot of fun with the polar bear-esque fur that pads her armor and warms her shins. We wanted her to have a lot of contrast in her shading; the pale skin against the black steel and dark leather bands. The ice was really fun to render because the actual form was less important than the reflected light against the steel. Also I realized the importance of strategically de-emphasizing the crotch area, which was a special challenge since she sports a female version of the codpiece.


January 24

Two New Pieces

Sorry about the long break in updates, the holidays are always super busy. I went back to Ohio to see my friends and family, which was really nice because it actually snowed! But anyways, this week I have two new props added to the portfolio section, the finished pumpkin pie painting that I showed a preview of in my last update and my first glass prop.

I used phototextures to add quick detail to the pumpkin pie slice–a technique I learned from my friend and fellow CCAD alum, Chris Oatley. The glass unicorn is a prop that has special meaning to me in regards to a long term project that I’ve been planning since I was in high school. It was difficult to render on a grey background (since glass is the sum of what it reflects), so I decided to focus on the refractions of the light inside the unicorn and subtle shading picked up from the shadow.

Also, the last image is my most recent work in progress, a pail for Jack & Jill. I have finally gotten around to rendering my long love, woodgrain!


December 19

Two New Pieces

I have added two new pieces to my portfolio, as well as some general updates. The first is a petit four dessert. Petit four means small oven in French, and glacé means icing. The second piece is an antique-style spoon, which features an irregular floral motif that I had to render by hand.

The third image above is a preview of my current work in progress, a piece of pumpkin pie (an ode to the holiday season). This is my first shading pass. On the next pass I will flush out more of the details and add texture to the crust and the pie filling as well as finish the shading on the whipped cream.